Musician’s Corner Feature – Mz Connie

Jul 8, 2022 | Blog, Musician's Corner, News, Trinity River Blues Society

“It’s Mz Connie y’all”…. Not just a name but also a title that identifies a way of business and exemplifies an attitude of having a presence of Queenship in the Southern Soul /Blues music genre.

The Soultress – a crazy, sassy, cool and experienced performer, which makes her an industry favorite. Proof that she is a rising star taking the airwaves by storm!

Mz Connie born Constance Morrison in Dallas Tx. Attended Arts Magnet Performing Arts High School and later attending Howard University to study music and drama before venturing into the music industry. Her professional music career began in 1988.

She’s no stranger to the entertainment world by way of her father, the late Mr. Charles (Chuck) Morrison, whom held the position of former Vice President of urban Marketing at Coca-Cola in the1980’s. At the time, this was the largest allocation for ethnic marketing by any major corporation. Branding recording artists and Coke together for the first time, and putting Coca-Cola in the share of the African American, Hispanic and Asian American consumer segments. This is where Mz Connie began to learn and understand about not just being an artist who sings, but an artist who understands branding and marketing, as well as giving her audience more of an experience in music through her sassy “Country Cute” Mz Connie brand.

Her experience as a vocalist allowed her the opportunity to showcase her talents and vocal abilities on show Live At The Apollo and performing for various events hosted and presented by actors such as Steve Harvey and other well-renowned entertainers.
As a more seasoned artist and vocalist she began to be recognized and recruited by artists such the legendary Millie Jackson and Al B. Sure to sing background vocals on various tours across the U.S.

It was during this time she learned it was important to keep the listening audience captured by sometimes using playful banter as part of her delivery and brand.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to see this dynamic powerhouse Soul Sister live, you will clearly see and hear the sassiness of Millie Jackson as well as the classiness of Gladys Knight as she takes her audience and fans on a soulful climactic journey of songs.

Mz Connie is currently producing her next anticipated release and album. While also promoting her own Mz Connie W.I.N.O.R. Tour. Which stands for Women in Need of Respect.

Born in Dallas, TX in 1965 to a couple of College Sweethearts. Mz Connie started her love of music early. She used to sing for her mom and friends at age 7 at their parties and wasn’t shy about it either. She later graduated from Arts Magnet Performing Arts Highschool in 1983 some years before Erykah Badu did as well.

She went on to study Jazz Vocal, and Music Business @ Howard University in Washington, DC. At age 20 she was hired by blues singer Jesse James in Atlanta, Ga as a backup singer. A year later she was introduced to Millie Jackson and toured with her for 3 years. At age 24, she was hired by Al B Sure as a background Singer, to tour with him on the New Edition Heartbreak tour.

Mz Connie signed with Motown Records in 1989, but the project unfortunately never prevailed. She stepped off the music scene for a while afterwards and got into the Makeup Industry and worked on B.E. T’s Comic View show as a Makeup Artist.

Mz Connie also worked behind the scenes for a time as a Record Promoter for MCA Records, advancing to work in radio for a bit.

When it comes to Music in southern soul, Mz Connie has definitely made it her business all the way around.
A few years ago, she was introduced to Southern Soul Music in Louisiana. And she has indulged herself in it ever since.

Since 2017, she has released three singles, and they have gotten the attention of DJ’s and promoters in the industry around the world.

Her latest release in November 2018 entitled ” Neckbone Lady” which talks about a good relationship between a Man and a Woman, is steady saturating throughout the market.

Mz Connie’s mission in her show when she performs is to make you think about …Where you were, who you were with, and what y’all were doing, when she takes you back in time with segment of classics from the GOOD OLD DAYS.

The Mz Connie brand focuses on driving the conversation around women in Southern Soul, inspiring each other to embrace female entrepreneurship and sisterhood in the southern soul genre to better connect with her audience and fanbase. While hoping to be more accepted in a male dominated music genre.

She’s looking to change the course and playbook for creative and cultural evolution of how women are perceived in the Southern Soul music genre, while taking live performance to new heights at the same time.

She’s surely on her way ladies, looking to ascend to the ultimate level and highest height of her career!!!!!!!