Musician’s Corner Feature – McKinney Williams

Feb 8, 2023 | Blues Concert, Musician's Corner, Trinity River Blues Society

Dennis McKinney (aka Distance) is a talented singer and songwriter from Memphis Tennessee, who resides in the lively, cultural and diverse city of Dallas, Texas.

Music has played a huge part in his life since childhood – his mother was a Gospel singer and made a big impression on her young son with her accomplished vocal style. Dennis remembers happy times in his younger days playing records with his brothers, singing, and dancing. He is a skilled dancer and very agile on his feet. As a youngster, the songs of Stevie Wonder had a huge inspiration on Dennis’ love for good music.

Dennis also names Al Green, Prince, the Memphis Bar-Kays and Isaac Hayes amongst his greatest influences and he would love to work with Jay-Z in the future because of his in-depth knowledge of the industry. His tracks are recorded at Absoluebeatz in Dallas, Texas, with longtime friend and business associate Ray X. Bollin, who is responsible for recording and engineering Dennis’ releases. 


In 2010, after releasing his first single, The Rest of Our Life, he started sharing YouTube videos and caught the attention of many music lovers worldwide. For the past five years, Dennis has sung with Crusader Choir – a long-standing Dallas church choir.