Musician’s Corner Feature – Julie Taylor Baker

Dec 20, 2023 | Musician's Corner, News, Trinity River Blues Society

Musician’s Corner Feature – Julie Taylor Baker

The music community is a community with incredible people. One of the best-known female singers in the metroplex is Julie Taylor Baker. Her world revolves around music. Her genre of choice is the Blues. To Julie, Blues is the most passionate and honorable of genres. Blues is the only thing that keeps Julie grounded, spending every moment in pure joy. During our interview, Julie describes herself as, “just an old Blues singer wanting to keep the women in Blues alive.” Her belief is that “Blues don’t do no harm.” Koko Taylor, Etta James, Big Mama Thorton, Sue Foley, Joanna Connor, and Ana Popovic are just a few of Julie’s music influences.

Julie retired from the day to day three years ago. She has been back in the music scene for about fourteen years. Beginning in 2011, she began hosting what was a successful live Blues jam that continued for twelve years at a little dive bar in Terrell, Texas. Julie became the front person for her own Wild Hare Band in 2015 and in 2016, Wild Hare hit the stage and is still pulling you onto that dance floor every chance they get and .

Julie’s greatest reward as a singer is to see her audience go from a frown to a smile and seeing people find a little peace watching and reacting to the music. Julie loves performing “B side” music the most. The more intimate the venue, the better. Interaction is a must! Blues is very intimate to Julie, choosing a few people each performance and singing to them. This brings joy to the soul. Her shows are never the same, each performance is a memorable musical experience.

Pre-covid, Julie believed that she was at her highest point within the entertainment industry because everyone was working and there was great music everywhere and then NOTHING. Contacted by old friend and fellow musician David Fox (and radio station manager) offered Julie the incredible opportunity to create and host her own radio show, she jumped at the chance. Her show is on KSGV 95.5 FM, a community radio station in Seagoville, Texas, called The Lizard Lounge All Blues Show. The show continues to run every Tuesday and Saturday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. and features four artists for thirty minutes sets: old, new, worldwide, and local artists. She spotlights local artists offering another platform to hear and to be heard. Check out her show to hear the best of Blues http://www/ Julie finds it nothing short of a blessing to have the opportunity to share the stage with the most amazingly gifted artists in the DFW area. There is truly no greater joy in music than to create together with friends of like mind.

One of Julie’s greatest goals in her musical career is to record five original songs before she dies. “My music goals are simple. I want to perform with my talented friends and make amazing music together. Anything more than that would be a super cool bonus. I am already a star in the eyes of my family, I just want to sing the blues and leave something for the future.” As for the future of the Blues, Julie believes that female Blues singers are underrated by the music industry and need to be united to support one another.

Julie has been married to a wonderful man, Mitch Baker, for 46 years. He has been her greatest supporter, always having her back, especially when he is hauling her gear at 3 am. She would also like to give immense gratitude to her talented friend Jason Cloud. Not just for standing beside her and helping her to be a better musician but also for his continuing support and encouragement. “No one succeeds alone, no one stands alone, the Blues may be lonely, but it never leaves you all alone.”

Julie is a beautifully talented Blues singer. Her smooth tone, amazing smile, sassy style, professionalism, showmanship, and sultriness ooze through each of her performances. One final quote from an inspiring interview with Julie: “They’ll need to pry the mic out of my hand when I die.” Follow her on her Facebook pages at Julie Baker Taylor and Wild Hare Band for her next performance.

Copyright Tina Willie edited by Julie Taylor Baker and family