Musician’s Corner Feature – Jon Griffin

Aug 30, 2023 | Musician's Corner, News, Trinity River Blues Society

Musician’s Corner Feature – Jon Griffin

Jon Griffin’s love for music began at the age of twelve years of old when he discovered his grandmother’s collection of an eclectic mix of music in her attic: Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, R & B, Country Western, to name just a few. At the age of twelve or thirteen, Jimmy Hendrix was a major influence for Jon leading him to beg his mother to buy him a guitar. He is self-taught using the pentatonic scale playing by ear, through watching old music footage on MTV, listening to records, using guitar books, then lessons with a Nashville professional.  Jon is a huge lyric fanatic who loves the story behind a song. His musical repertoire includes Classic Rock & Roll, Blues, Country, & Reggae. His love for Blues has been influenced since his discovery of John Lee Hooker’s music. Jon believes that music owes a debt to Blues and black artists. Blues is a tap root for him.

Jon recounts the story of his first musical experience at the age of thirteen years of age and his first paid gigs at the age of fourteen. While living in Marshall, Texas, he was hired to clean a Wurlitzer organ at the Paramount Movie Theatre. The theatre stage was rented out as a rehearsal stage for bands. One day, a husband-and-wife Southern Rock/Country band were rehearsing. During their break, Jon went on stage, picked up one of the guitars, and started playing. They were so impressed by him that they asked him to join them. At the tender age of fourteen years of age, Jon was paid to play at barns, trailer parks, and Honky Tonks.

Jon’s first professional experience was playing in a Reggae band between 1993 to 1995 while in college in Nacogdoches. By the late 90’s, his big break was playing at Sambuca. Jon was asked to play as a member of Big Jim Wells & The Night Owls Band, the first local Blues act playing in that location.

Today, Jon is a well-known native Texan guitarist, songwriter, and singer playing in venues all over the metroplex: The Avenue Sports Grill, Adair’s Saloon, Lockwood Distilling Co, The Annex, Four Bullets Brewery, The Balcony Club, The Lion & Crown, Strokers Icehouse, The Forum: A Neighborhood Social Club, and Rick’s Chophouse are just a few venues. He plays solo or ensemble music with his JG & The Uptown Squires band. Jon’s performances are filled with high energy, funky beats. His facial expressions, body language, showmanship, and professionalism are top notch. Seeing the joy he has playing the guitar is a wondrous sight to behold. Check out his Facebook page for his next awe-inspiring performance.


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