Musician’s Corner Feature – James “KillerBug” Morris

Apr 13, 2023 | Musician's Corner, News, Trinity River Blues Society

James “KillerBug” Morris

James Morris, aka KillerBug, born December 1941 is a native Texan by way of Fort Worth. This self-proclaimed Blues and R&B singer has become a legend within the music scene in the DFW area. KillerBugs signature style from his wardrobe to his vocals to his impeccable professionalism to his dance moves wows audiences each time he steps on stage.

KillerBugs musical influences are Tyron Davis, BB King, DC Hill, Little Joe Blues and Freddie King to name just a few. He grew up with the Van Dykes of Fort Worth. KillerBug has always been a Blues and R&B artist. In 1965, he recorded side A and B on 45rpm: “Love Thy Neighbor” and “Wrapped Around.”

Music has always been a part of KillerBug’s world. He remembers Dwayne Dancer giving him his 1st job at KNOK radio in Fort Worth from 1982 to 1987. KillerBug wore many hats at the station: porter, driver, mail clerk, systems engineer, and DJ. He travelled all over the DFW area doing remote broadcasts. After a remote broadcast, Ben Coffee, announced him as “Killer” Bugs on air and the nickname is now history.

KillerBug still resides in Fort Worth. His performances are a joy for both the ears and eyes. KillerBug always puts on an amazing show. He has an abundance of energy that many younger performers envy. You can see him perform in venues throughout the DFW area.  

— copyright by Tina Willie