The Trinity River Blues Society announces our new website –

Oct 18, 2021 | Blog, News, Trinity River Blues Society

The Trinity River Blues Society announces our new website:

We are proud to announce our new website managed by West Bay Media Group!  It is now live and features many upgrades to enhance our members’ experience and increase awareness of our Blues Music happenings!  There is an interactive calendar for everyone who is interested in posting theirs or anyone else’s events!  We will have feature picture galleries of all our events and as many Blues happenings in North Texas as we can, past and present.  We will be working to improve our website all the time!

The Trinity River Blues Society is an affiliate of the Blues Foundation.  Our mission is to enhance the preservation of our area’s rich Blues history.  We promote, educate and preserve a unique African-American original art form which is the Blues; we also celebrate the excellence of all Blues Music and types on all levels.  Our goal is to increase awareness and appreciation for Blues music by providing a network of like-minded fans, musicians, venues and promoters.  We are focused on Blues Music as a genre.