Musician’s Corner Feature – Mark Sena

May 23, 2023 | Blog

 “I started teaching myself guitar in 1964 on an old Sears Silvertone guitar. We didn’t have the money for lessons so I taught myself how to play “House of the Rising Sun” which was released that year. 


I played a few coffee houses as a singer/songwriter while in college and figured I couldn’t make a living doing so, but wanted to be involved in music. In 1973 I joined SHOWCO Sound and Lighting as an engineer mixing stage for tours including The Carpenters, Eric Clapton, and The Beach Boys. 

I left the industry at the start of 1976. I continued playing guitar and in 2005, my Aunt opened Cadillac Pizza, and my journey playing Blues started and I will continue to play until my fingers don’t work”!